The World A Better Place With Less Black People

Pastor Anderson could have said that, 49 Blacks less on Earth.

So, Minister ‘Jiggaba’, does this context help make a decision to protect the sexual minority that we are?

Anti-LGBT Pastor Steven Anderson Applauds Orlando Massacre: ‘There’s Fifty Less Pedophiles In The World’

I am sure you have Anderson’s fans from Boksburg whispering freedom of speech in your ear; the very same people also hate racism, right? But you see they are the worst hypocrites you can entertain. What about our sexual minority that have seen injustice, death, abuse and more? All which we abhor and will always stand up against.

When LotusFM preached hate speech against the LGBT community. 

I used to be an avid listener to the Gospel Hour on LotusFM, a once proud ethnic lifestyle station, on two occasions the gospel hour preached homophobic content which I did complain about but the shoddy marketing team did not bother to concern themselves with my complaint.

Long story short, I tuned out completely and I have not bothered to tune back to LotusFM after their pathetic music content. Try and deny this LotusFM and I will haul you over the coals for it, go back to your little desks and act busy.

This is an example of my own personal activism in retort to their silence on my query of the station promoting hate speech against homosexuals.

Back to Anderson

There’s a Pastor Anderson in 99% of churches in South Africa. Now you see, when there are homosexuals in church, how many of the straight folk actually call out their preacher when he slams LGBT folk?

They don’t. They stay silent and turn the other cheek just so they can fit in and still pray in the house of God well that’s if they are accepting of us folk.

So now, let us place this into context, Anderson praised the heavens when 49 of our people went down horribly. All of us went batshit on it and very rightly so, no one deserves to have their memory abused.

We are tired of being afraid to be who we are, we are sick of being hesitant to walk with our partners in public holding hands like the next straight couple. We cannot allow Anderson into South Africa, Minister Gigaba. We simply cannot.

Like Gitanjali Pather stated in this article, “There is a generation of us; some may call us products of an Apartheid colonial education, which find the burning of books and the destruction of infrastructure abhorrent.”

We come from that very fabric that has activism and struggle imbibed in our blood. Hence the reason why we are standing up against hate speech and setting an example to the rest of the LGBT community of the world.

We should not be adopting a ‘let him in and see what happens’ approach.

By virtue of you allowing Anderson into South Africa, you are then also a contributor to injustice against the LGBT community. Don’t be that person.

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Naufal Khan was the Publisher at ADISHAKTI MEDIA and the editor-in-chief of the South African Indian news service Indian Spice. Khan was former Sunday Times journalist and also an occult fiction and non-fiction writer with several published titles.