mandoza nkalakatha

Mandoza: I Won’t Wait For You To Die

If you do not know what ‘Nkalakatha’ means well now you will know – it means ‘Top Dog’ a slang from the kasi (township).

Over the past week, there’s been a number of rumours that Mandoza is almost dead. I thought about it and decided. Hell, maybe Top Dog would get a chance to read this before the media kills him off over and over again.

mandoza nkalakatha

How many of us actually bothered to learn that Mandoza’s real name is Mduduzi Tshabalala, a child of Soweto?

But let’s just go with Mandoza.

He was born in the Zola South section of Soweto, where lived with his mother, grandparents and 2 sisters. When he was just 16 years old, he was charged with stealing a car and served his 1½-year sentence at Diepkloof prison.

This was the moment after his release that Mandoza formed the group Chiskop along with three childhood friends, S’bu, Siphiwe and Sizwe. His discovery moment was by Arthur Mafokate also known as the King of Kwaito

Mandoza who clearly received much inspiration from his difficult youth years used his music to encourage young South Africans to achieve their goals.

Although Chiskop achieved great success and was widely seen to be at kwaito’s forefront, Mandoza also started a solo career; in 1999 he released the top-selling (more than 100,000 units sold) album 9II5 Zola South, for which he gained a 2000 FNB South African Music Awards Best Newcomer nomination.

His song ‘Uzoyithola Kanjani’ means “how are you going to get it, if you don’t get up and go for it.” Much of his success can be credited Glenn Morris, who helped him during his drug addled early years.

He released the album Nkalakatha in 2000, produced by Gabi Le Roux, which won multi-platinum status. The title track became a crossover hit and reached the top of the charts on both traditionally black and white radio stations. This could have been the song Madiba could have jived to when he assumed power. Yes Madiba would have!

News of Mandoza’s ailing health first emerged early September 2016 when a statement released by his family stated that he was “fighting for his life”. However, a few days later his wife, Mpho explained that the Nkalakatha hitmaker’s condition is serious but not critical.

Despite his ailing health Mandoza remained steadfast in wanting to perform for his fans at the concert by the SABC known at the #ThankYou concert. Mandoza was helped onto stage by a group of his friends to a cheering crowd. The kwaito star thanked God for his life and thanked fans for their prayers and support.

“We surrender to the Almighty who restores our lives. I’m here to perform for you. To show you that the devil is a liar. The devil is a liar!,” he told the cheering crowd.

Everyone will agree that Mandoza ripped the culture fabric through the hit single, ‘Nkalakatha’. It did not matter whether you were White, Indian, Colored or Black. When Mandoza’s signature track played in clubs, shebeen or that taxi parked at the rank, this song was like a sangoma’s powerful muti – it made you dance, even if you couldn’t.

You’re almost home Top Dog. We’re thinking of you in your darkest moments and praying you will have another day with us.

An Indian boy who also shaked it to Nkalakatha. Om Shanti!

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Source inputs: Timeslive, Wikipedia

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