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Jiah Khan: Pancholi’s Mum Reacts To Forensic Report

Actor Sooraj Pancholi and his family are having sleepless nights after news broke of the report by British forensic expert, Payne-James on Jiah Khan’s alleged suicide.

Jiah’s mother Rabia Khan has accused Sooraj of murdering her daughter and has brought British forensic expert Payne-James onboard the case. Zarina Wahab, Pancholi’s mum has described Rabia as mentally disturbed to think that her son murdered her daughter.

sooraj pancholi

In a recent interview after the report was released, Sooraj’s mother, Zarina Wahab has maintained that her son is innocent and that she fails to understand why Rabia is after her son.

Zarina further added that it has been proved in the court proceedings earlier that Sooraj was having dinner with his friends at a suburban five-star hotel when Jiah committed suicide and that it upsets her to see that Rabia is still hell bent on proving that Sooraj murdered her.

The ‘Hero’ actor’s mother said that Sooraj and Jiah had parted ways long before she died and that Jiah wasn’t ready to move on and leave her son.

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