Indian Minister Just Watched As Transgender Actress Assaulted

Bishesh Huirem, a transgender actress and model who will represent India at the Miss International Queen in Thailand, was attacked by a police team escorting state rural development and Panchayati Raj minister Moirangthem Okendro.

The incident happened earlier this week while she was in the state capital, Imphal, for a performance of Shumang Leela, a local folk theater art form. The altercation began with an argument over right of way in a narrow lane, following which she and her friend were allegedly beaten up.

bishesh transgender

“Though the incident happened in front of the minister, he did not come out and stop his escort team from beating me,” said Huirem.

Bishesh Huirem


She also claimed that following the incident, she was unable to complete her performance on stage a couple of days later.

“I felt dizzy while performing but I somehow managed to act for a few minutes before losing consciousness. My doctor advised me to stop performing Shumang Leela for some days,” she said.

Bishesh Huirem


Huirem will take part in the beauty pageant Miss International Queen 2016 in Thailandrepresenting India. She’s among 30 transgenders selected from applicants from 155 countries.

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