#Purtassi: Wooranda Like Amma Makes It

Woorandai (Urandai, Wooranda), is the filling inside Gulgula’s made for Purtassi prayers. It is usually made with Gram Dhal, dessicated coconut, elachi (cardamom) and sugar.

Amma usually made Woorandai with breyani dhal or black lentils.


I have used black lentils for this recipe-but found that the mixture did not hold as easily as it used to when Amma made it so I used 2 tablespoons of condensed milk to help bind the ingredients. 

How to Make Woorandai

To make larger quantities increase the ingredients proportionately.

Optional: Condensed Milk if you have trouble binding the mixture or use as a substitute for sugar


1. Pre-boil  lentils until soft. Drain off excess water. Cool.
2. Combine cooled lentils with all other ingredients to form a soft dough
3. Refrigerate for 30 minutes until the mixture is slightly firm


4. Roll into a small ball. Store in refrigerator until use.