Roy Pillay May Be Dead But His Message Is Eternal

Many of you have had some interaction with the late Roy Pillay who passed away recently, I came across this heartfelt post of his sharing his wisdom on life that is something that all should heed. As I read this, I felt as if Uncle Roy was literally speaking to me. Rest in peace, gone but never forgotten.

What is today will not be tomorrow – it takes decades to earn and accumulate all that is material, but within seconds all can be gone and your life will change. Never take life for granted as we do not know what fate has in store for us as we move into the future. I was in an executive position driving a Mercedes, having a huge home, never short of any luxuries, the wife was in a good job driving an Audi and the children had all that they wanted.

A fantastic life with lots of friends and lots of entertaining. Then it all changed in 2008 – I got very ill and was medically boarded. The wife was then diagnosed with CA Rectum and had to leave work. I ran out of funds – was forced to sell up the house and vehicles. Luckily my eldest daughter and son-in-law had a second property i.e. a one-bedroom town house, which they lovingly made available for us to live in at no cost.

We live of a disability grant that can barely sustain us. In 2009 I turned to God for guidance and changed my life style and habits – first being giving up the luxury of alcohol intake. Friends became fewer and fewer until just one friend stayed on and offered to be supportive towards us.

I had a vision and heard a voice as God spoke to me and asked me to share my life experiences and to do His work by spreading our Spiritual and Cultural knowledge to the world at no cost and to do His work with dedication, Love and Seva. He imparted to me the knowledge via meditation and to this day we see His miracles every day as he sustains us.

Our motto being never ask for anything from anyone and never refuse help that comes our way for that is Gods direction and doing. This is a nutshell of who I am and please note that this in no way is a cry for empathy, sympathy or help – it is a lesson to you the reader to never take life for granted and to prepare for tomorrow. Today I am coping with my health and I am caring for a very sick wife with the courage and strength given to me my God.

It is the disunity of Hindus, the failure of one Hindu to identify himself with another Hindu, the unhealthy debates and challenges between Hindus, which  is responsible for present problems in Hindu society were-in Hindus are converting to other religions. It would be the unity of Hindus, then, which would bring strength to Hindu society and protect the Hindu civilization from falling into despair.

Take the time to learn about your Spiritual and Cultural Heritage and make time for God to pave your path to a good life and eternal salvation.

We are doing our part in bringing you this knowledge at no cost – an opportunity that you should not let pass you by but rather take advantage of and also do your bit in SEVA to those less fortunate than you. “Holier are the Hands that giveth than the Lips that pray” ” Remember what you have received and forget what you have given” God Bless You.


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