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Shahiel Sewpujun: Accused Not Guilty Statement

The two women accused of murdering nine-year-old Shahiel Sewpujun have pleaded not guilty in the Durban High Court.

Sewpujun’s body was found in a manhole in Phoenix on the 8th of February, 2015 – three days after he was reported missing. He was the only child to parents, Ishara Dewnarain and Mohammed Shaheer Sewpujun who had submitted a missing person’s report to the police.

54-year-old Rajwanthi Haripersadh, and 31-year-old Kavitha Naicker have been charged with his murder

Yesterday morning the court called the mother of the deceased to the stand. 32-year-old Ishara Doonarain told the court that Haripersadh is her aunt, and Naicker is her cousin.  She said that she had never encountered any problems with the two accused prior to her son’s disappearance on the 5th of February last year.

During the  court appearance, the two accused allege that they were unduly influenced when they made statements with the police. Both accused claim they were told what to say.

Judge Dhaya Pillay explained to the accused that should she find that they were unduly influenced – the submitted statements will be scrapped in their entirety however if she finds otherwise, the statements will be admissible as evidence against them.

Yesterday afternoon, court officials conducted an impromptu visit to the crime scene.

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