Zwai And The Little Creature By Elaine Pillay

The story, Zwai and the Little Creature was inspired by a need for fun and exciting stories for South African children and also to encourage the culture of reading. Elaine Pillay saw the challenge of children who need to use their imagination in a world where one is bombarded by all things electronic.

Pillay was born in Durban and eventually moved to Johannesburg. An educator teaching English at a primary school in Sandton. She’s authored academic textbooks and this is her first story book.

Her first children’s story tale is a passionate call to parents to come to the reading party and help support, encourage and develop reading habits in children. Reading is the best way for children to experience other worlds where monsters and uglies dwell and to escape unharmed. Why wouldn’t a parent use that? As a chance to teach a child a life value.

Her motto is “use your power for good.” We all, no matter who we are, wield a certain amount of power. We all influence someone. Be it in the family, socially or wherever else. Use that power for good. Hence, her tweets are hashtagged with #useurpower4good.

Zwai, a little boy, lives in a rural village with his grandparents while his mom works in the city. He meets a delightful creature that nobody believes exists. He is cast out of the village and sent back to his mother. On his journey to his mother, he enters an enchanting world of magical creatures. This book is a perfect for children aged 8-10. It is available from Vivlia Publishers in Johannesburg.

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