Tamil Body Endorses #FeesMustFall Not Violence

The South African Tamil Federation (SATF) endorses and support the movement of the #FeesMustFall campaign but strongly condemns the intimidation and destruction methodology adopted by certain elements within the movement.


A a culture of mistrust leaves little room for sustainable solutions to be reached with the current state of emergency that is spreading across higher education institutes.

The SATF calls on the South African government to intervene and to look at the required shortfall to ensure that Students coming from poorer backgrounds are not disadvantaged from completing their studies for this academic year.

There’s a need for civil society, church leaders, academics and faith based organizations to be honest brokers in bringing together the Government, University officials and elected student representatives to find possible sustainable workable solutions without violent altercations.

In conclusion, the SATF request that students march back to their Universities and ensure that these final academic months are completed without any intimidation, whilst the negotiations for free education continues.

Read their official statement SATF Press Release

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