amitabh bachchan birthday

Seventy Four Years Ago, Amitabh Reflects

It’s Big B’s birthday and the man still has time to write an entry on his blog. Here’s what he has to say.

Birthdays shall come and birthdays shall go, but the wishes to those special Ef shall remain ever. I am privileged to be sharing my birth date with Jasbir and Krishil. Happy birthday from the Ef …

amitabh bachchan birthday

About this time of the night, 74 years ago, my Father had a dream, where his Father appeared and told him to get up, for he was about to have a son. My Father got up with a startle and discovered my Mother, pregnant with me, but not due for many more days, missing from the bed. She had gone to the washroom and had almost collapsed there with the final pains of delivery. Some hours later she gave birth to a boy. That boy was me!

My Father for some reason always believed that I was the incarnation of his Father, after this incident. I do not know if I have been true to the incarnate presence of my Grandfather, but it has never been short of effort. The blessings of the Almighty and the affection and prayers of elders, has, through good fortune, remained with me throughout, and I am indebted to them, and all those, that have since, given me the love and regard of a magnitude that is immeasurable!

I cannot say with conviction what it is that I may have done for this to happen to me. But this I can say, that what I did and do and hopefully shall continue to do, shall always bear in mind the presence of my well wishers, the discipline and up bringing of my parents and the blessings of that unknown power, the Almighty, that has by my side ever.

I do know, that I am not deserving of all that comes my way. And I also do know, that what comes shall all disappear soon, but what shall never diminish is the recognition and the gratitude that I shall always bear for them and those, that have held my hand and guided me across many a hurdle and mountain.

The heartbeats of affection that you so determinedly expose, here and in every conceivable platform towards me, is a reminder of the presence of that superior power felt by me, and by my surroundings, in a manner that cannot be contained in words.

So let us remain in silence. In the silence of what comes my way, and ever dream of its unending nature.

Love and more …

Amitabh Bachchan  

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