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Four Things A Bride Needs To Remember

You’ve dreamt about this day almost your entire life.  You finally found your perfect match.  Now it’s time to prepare for the perfect day!

1. Organize your outfits

Image source: Dhoom Dhaam Weddings

Knowing what you want and don’t want in terms of style, silhouettes and colors for every occasion will help you focus on getting the right options for your bridal look.

Style tip: Summer hues are always welcome at wedding season – cherry red, minty green and a happy yellow! Metallics are big this season for brides and could make for a great cocktail piece for the party! In terms of silhouette, embroidered off-shoulder tops with gorgeous high-waisted lehenga will keep things interesting.

2. Keep aside an heirloom piece for your jewellery

Image source: Dhoom Dhaam Weddings

There is an abundance of option when it comes to wedding jewellery, but always keep a vintage hand-me-down jewel that will add that personal touch to your look.

Style tip: Uncut chokers with uncut mathapatti could make for a great combination of accessories for a bride who doesn’t like to go OTT, yet likes to have a little drama.

3. Start your beauty game early

Image source: Dhoom Dhaam Weddings

Hair and makeup is a major part of the wedding day look.  An amazing make up artist is one part of the equation. The other part of the equation is to start prepping your skin at least a month before the wedding date. Go to a dermatologist and make sure your hair and skin get the best treatment they need. Once that step is done let the masters work their magic on you!

Style tip: Let your makeup artist see your outfit before planning your look. The makeup should complement the attire and never overshadow it. As far as your hair is concerned, a fuss-free gorgeous, super sleek glossy bun is timeless and works with the classic look perfectly. It’s been in fashion and will always be.

4. Get on a workout regimen stat!

Jacqueline with her fitness instructor Namrata

Last but not the least, it’s extremely important to work out and keep fit before the wedding. Even if you are blessed with good physique, there’s a good chance you will gain weight due to all the mithai your relatives are bound to force you to eat. So no matter what shape or size you are, just step on the peddle and werk it – you will he happy you did, and your husband will too! 🙂

Exercises to explore: Regular cardio mixed with pilates or light weights. Please consult a physician, nutritionist, or personal trainer for proper guidance. Don’t hurt yourself before the D-day!

Wishing all the brides greatest happiness and a blessed married life! So hope this post has helped you plan for your big day a little better. Feel free to share this post with a friend who’s soon to be married (that can be her wedding gift!).

PS: Always remember: happiest brides are the prettiest!


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