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LotusFM Plans To Remain a Weekend Special

Just like the late Ma Brrr laments in her song ‘Weekend Special’,

You dont come around, to me see in the week. You dont have a chance, to call me on the phone. But Friday night yes I know, yes I know.  I know I must be ready for you, just be waiting for you. Friday night yes I know, yes I know. I know I must be ready for you, just be waiting for you.

This is exactly what is playing out at SABC’s LotusFM with their weekend offering. A staffer on the marketing team speaking to BusinessLIVE has confirmed that a marketing activity plans to entice listeners back to the embattled station.

lotus FM

The station’s programming has shifted to allow the 10% quota of international content on weekends.  The marketing strategy revealed is a mere sugarcoating of the problem where the station is still 90% local.

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An about turn of events saw the Saturday edition of Bollywood Billboard return to the stations airwaves playing international Bollywood soundtracks while Sunday edition of the Best of Kodambakkam played international South Indian music

However, a staffer at the station’s marketing office stated,  “We are working very hard to bring back lost listeners. Our plan is to encourage the existing listener to stay longer and return sooner, and to encourage them to talk about the station.

“But we don’t know how successful these efforts will be because many people insist to us that we must go back to playing the kind of music that they are used to,” the person said.

LotusFM employees took to social media posting statuses to drive awareness that the two shows are back playing international content. Following a disaster in figures losing 130,000 listeners the station plans to focus on hosting parties, community events and increasing their advertising presence on billboards.

Listeners who do tune in to LotusFM will continue to ‘enjoy’ local Kwaito, Afrikaans and Indian chutney content during the week.

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