Baby Divya In ICU After Surgery

Baby Divya whom we reported on earlier, was born with a life-threatening liver disease when she was born in January, got ill two weeks after her birth.

baby divya

It is rare and only affects about one in every 18000 infants. The disease is more common in females and can be treated with surgery, called the Kasai procedure, or with a liver transplant.

Baby Divya’s parents and extended family had been tested and were not suitable matches to help, then a viable candidate donor surfaced.

Baby Divya went in this morning at 6AM for surgery at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre along with donor Kershnee.  Dad, Dhenesh Singh spoke to IndianSpice at 14H00 advised us that Baby Divya has just returned from surgery and is doing well and the next 24 hours are crucial as she spends the next day under observation in ICU. 

Baby Divya

The parents shared this video on social media yesterday of Baby Divya.

Visit their Facebook page called “Divya Ashlee Singh – My Biliary Atresia Journey.” to follow updates on recovery.

Our prayers are with you #BabyDivya.

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