rajiv narandas fight

Rajiv Narandas Is Back In The Spotlight

DURBAN: Rajiv Narandas, who was convicted  for the murder of Veenand Singh in 2008 is back in the news. Reports coming in are that Narandas was involved in a fight with a fellow inmate at the Westville Prison.

Enquiries into the matter were diverted to the national correctional services department who verified that an incident was recorded.

rajiv narandas fight

Narandas was attended to by medical staff and thereafter placed back in his cell.  It is unclear whether Narandas sustained serious injuries that led to him being referred to a hospital for followup after the incident. The matter is is being investigated.

Narandas remained a top story following his defeat to have his conviction overturned after media speculation that he had fled to Argentina to escape his prison sentence.

“Rajiv was convicted and sentenced in Johannesburg. Under normal circumstances he should be serving his time at a correctional facility there. But it is clear that his family is very influential and managed to get him transferred to Westville Prison, which is close to his home,” said the source.

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