Chef Yudhika Sujanani is spot on about cheapskate people

Masterchef Yudhika Sujanani is no stranger to food lovers, her hard work is noted when it comes to creating food with love at the kitchen of Holi Cow.

#VOICES: Every year the debate of prices of Diwali treats is as big as the confusion of the Diwali date and this time round, Chef Sujanani has her say. Well done Yudhika, we totes agree with you!

This is what Yudhika Sujanani has to say about people who are ALWAYS looking for a discount. Yes we see you!

Diwali is here, there’s loads of people who wait for this time of year to showcase their skill, make a profit to see their families through this festival.

Dear customers, it’s back breaking work, it’s an art…it’s a skill…stop pushing for cheap. Stop pushing for discounts, stop pushing so hard people start using margarine.

Pay with a smile…share your Diwali parcels with a smile and without whingeing…how can there be joy when you complain about the cost. Whether you’re handing out a sweetmeat platter or just a box of romany creams or whole nut chocolate (my favorite), do it with complete happiness and leave the Diwali ego aside.

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Let’s support the men and women who make Diwali special for us as they spend hours in the kitchen working tirelessly. Kneading, rolling, frying and stirring through the night. The Diwali fairies are getting ready for the big celebration of the Festival of Lights! Whether you’re in Durban, Cape Town or Jozi…let’s be thankful to them for keeping our Indian culinary heritage alive. #respect #honor #nodiscount #nomargarine

And to prove she has her heart in her work, check out her Rangoli cake!

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