Newsbreak LotusFM Scores Vodacom Award

Newsbreak Lotus has been leading the path in radio journalism excellence! So, it’s no surprise when you hear of their numerous accolades, which they so deserve to blow their horn about.

genevieve lanka
Genevieve Lanka with Senior Producer, Salma Patel

There is one person that has stood her ground day in and day out when it comes to getting an answer to her questions or shutting guests and listeners down when it needs to happen. We’re talking about Genevieve Lanka.

She is one of the recipients of the prestigious Vodacom Journalist of the Year awards!  Her excellence in radio journalism is well known throughout households that tune in to her debate shows that run on Sundays on LotusFM. Lanka has nerves of steel when it comes to keeping guests in line and seeking answers where its required and one particular show that everyone has been talking about is the show where Hlaudi Motsoeneng bared his intelligence or lack thereof.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng interacted with the Indian community on this special show to elaborate on his new 90/10-quota rule but he was never ready for Lanka and the listeners. This show in particular led to a slew of protests against the quota that has practically shattered the listenership of LotusFM as per recent reports.

Motsoeneng used the show to display his sheer ignorance about understanding the dynamics of LotusFM, threatening Lanka live on-air as well as belittling the Indian community calling them tribal in their thinking. Little did he realize he had nowhere to go or hide with Lanka in control of the show.

I will go as far as stating this particular show led to criticism in Motsoeneng’s credibility as listeners and the media used every opportunity to target the hard quota stance that was imposed.

LotusFM in it’s own way led the revolt that other stations failed to make happen and the cracks in Hlaudi’s plan started to show as he hijacked press briefings, events and other public stages to angle some retort that referred to the Indian community and/or LotusFM staff.

IndianSpice led majority of the reporting on the LotusFM saga in relation to the quota reform which eventually was picked up by Gareth Van Onselen in two opinion pieces and was published in the Times Media’s print daily, Business Day. This was based on our articles led to further exposure of the ignorance of Motsoeneng from that Newsbreak debate show.

Congratulations Lanka, you’ve done your team and the community proud!

Listen to the show that Lanka hosted with Motsoeneng click here

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