Deepika Padukone Xander Cage

Deepika In Leather Is All You Remember

We saw the logo reveal of xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage, we saw the teaser, and now the first official trailer is finally out! It’s Deepika Padukone‘s Hollywood film, so of course it’s a huge deal – and she looks smoking hot in the trailer.

Deepika in leather kneeing some guy in the nads. Deepika in leather hurling knives. Deepika in leather making jokes at the dinner table while casually playing with hand grenades.

The new xXx: Return of Xander Cage trailer, specially cut for India, has all the action you were craving — especially if you, like many of Miss Padukone’s fans, complained that the first international trailer didn’t give the long-limbed Amazonian enough screen time. If you were worried that India’s highest paid actress was going to be reduced to a mere bit role, this new trailer should set your mind at ease.

Get your fill of the newly minted action star (and every bondage-inspired leather outfit the costume designer could lay her hands on).

Here’s the trailer in English, Tamil, Telugu & Hindi

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