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Red Onion Might Stink, But It Kills Cancer Cells & More

Most people hate red onions because of the smell. But it has many health benefits as well, especially if eaten raw because cooking kills its qualities. Here are the reasons why red onion is good for health.


Helps stop cancer cell growth

Onion has ample amounts of sulphur compounds that helps to protect the body from various ulcers and cancers. It also helps fight bacteria and prevent urinary tract infection.

red onion


Controls diabetes

For diabetics, onions can be extremely beneficial because raw onions help increase the production of insulin.


Helps to cure constipation

The kind of sedentary lifestyle we lead these days, it’s quite common to find people with extreme bowl disorders especially constipation. Red onion is recommended since has the ability to force the toxins out of your intestines.


Help with throat pain

It is an age old remedy to use onion juice to cure cold, flu and sore throat.



Has the ability to stop nose bleeding

To immediately stop a bleeding nose, the best cure is to smell red onions.


It protects the heart

Onion is an effective cure for heart diseases. It protects heart from the coronary disease and high blood pressure as well.


Helps to control the cholesterol

If you eat red onions on a daily basis you can keep your cholesterol (LDL) in check. It even helps to lower cholesterol levels in extreme cases.

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