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Mumbai: Actor Amit Sadh says superstar Salman Khan-starrer ‘Sultan’, which featured him in a prominent role, has given a new lease of life to his career. Amit made a promising debut with ‘ Kai Po Che!’ in 2013 but success eluded him until ‘Sultan’, which is not only his biggest hit so far but has also got him offers from many filmmakers.

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Amit Sadh (Pic courtesy: Twitter/@TheAmitSadh)


“For me, ‘Sultan’ was like a resurrection. I think my career was almost dead. You go through these lows and highs in life, especially in a film career and you live with your chin up. I am very grateful to the director, Ali (Abbas Zafar) who thought I could do this role,” Amit told PTI.

“And the rest is history. Salman sir blessed me. He blessed me with a great role and he blessed me with Sultan and I am very grateful to everyone,” the actor added.

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The 37-year-old actor held his own in front of the larger-than-life persona of Salman, and Amit says it is his honesty as a performer which came across on screen. “I really didn’t try to match up to Salman Sir’s persona because even if you try you can’t match him. I just tried to be honest to my role and my character. I have just enjoyed every bit of standing in the same frame with that legend,” he added.

Post the film, things are looking up for the actor. Amit says from a time when he didn’t have many options to now selecting a script, he has come a long way.

“I always tell everyone in a joke that there are always two answers to a question. One is a typical actor answer where you sound so intellectual and you sound so correct and you are so busy and you have a million offers…I am not that kind of a guy. I am a guy who says as

it is. But yes, after Sultan there are more filmmakers who are looking at me for meatier roles and there is more faith in them. And yes, I think ‘Sultan’ gave me the greatest platform ever to showcase my talent. So things have changed definitely,” Amit added.

Many fans felt the climax of ‘Sultan’ calls for a sequel. Amit, however, says that decision lies with the director and Salman.

“That answer only the director Ali and Salman Sir can give. I am too small to dictate all this. But I am also a Salman fan and I definitely think there should be a sequel and I have a vested interest in this because I would break an arm and a leg to be with Salman Sir again in a film again,” he concluded

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