Sid Malhotra: Karan Johar Gave Birth To Me

The actor on what Karan Johar means to him, the criticism of his acting abilities and his current equation with rumored ladylove Alia Bhatt.

Talking about the dismal failure of Baar Baar Dekho. I’d rather fail doing something new than fail by trying something that’s already been done.

Baar Baar Dekho was quite experimental in the sense that a film like that hadn’t been attempted. I get bored if I am told to act in something that everybody else is already doing. So it gives me strength to know that I’ve attempted something different than the typical formula.

And it’s quite alright if it doesn’t work — you make your peace with it by promising yourself to work harder next time as it is very hard to pinpoint the specific reason as to why a film failed just as you can’t tell one reason why a film worked.

I mean, Baar Baar Dekho was produced by Dharma and Excel, two of the best production houses in the business. Yet it didn’t connect with people.

Do you somewhere feel that your acting abilities need a lot more work and maybe that’s what pulls a film down? Critics have pointed out that while you are sincere, you also come across as wooden in your performances.

I feel any form of criticism or praise is short lived. A few months ago they said I’ve given my best performances in Kapoor and Sons, and now with Baar Baar, you are saying there is the argument about bad acting. Well, I try. And I don’t do it to shut my detractors questioning my acting skills, but I do it for the film. I want my director to know that I’ve gotten the character he wants me to portray, that I am in it.

I also don’t attach myself too seriously to my critics or fans. My next film will come, it might work at the box office, and they’ll sing praises about how I’m a good actor. It’s all time driven.

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