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SRK Is A Fan Of Ranveer Singh’s Penis

Mumbai: Ranveer Singh is gearing up for the release of Aditya Chopra’s ‘Befikre’ and fans are beside themselves over his stripper moment in the movie.

ranveer singh underwear

So when he appeared on Karan’s show with Ranbir Kapoor, the host asked the question the whole nation, including SRK, has been wanting to know- did he wear padded underwear or was he born with it?

Shah Rukh Khan had taken a jibe at Ranveer’s walking-around-in-an-underwear scene from ‘Befikre’ saying he ‘must have used pads or I am a fan!’.

The jolly actor puts an end to speculations, saying, “…It was too cold in Paris I had to put a pad…I was saving on post production cost… Otherwise I would have to go for VFX from Red Chillies.”

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