Ranveer Singh: I’d Rather Be A Sex Symbol, Here’s Why

One of the most gregarious actors of Bollywood, an infectious energy, skirt loving and yes we could go on and on about this charming yet crazy guy. At the recent GQ India awards, Befikre actor, Ranveer Singh announced himself as the ‘Lamborghini of men’ breaking acting and normal fashion barriers.

ranveer singh befikre
I naturally have a lot of energy; I don’t think I have some extra energy. It’s just that people do write about me now a days and it’s pretty much what my teachers used to write in my report card. They had this remarks column, they wrote; ‘he has great amount of energy, gregarious, vivacious and many such adjectives.

He is a man whose energy levels and confidence that are almost equivalent to someone you can attribute on a crazy high on opiates. Then you look at his clothes which are way more quirkier than his sense of humor!

And whether you love him or hate him, he will continue being awesome. Just a few days ago, Ranveer’s ad for Jack and Jones faced the brunt of people because of ‘sexism’ but his statement and apology proved that his heart is in the right place. In his latest conversation with Shekhar Gupta on the show Off The Cuff, he was at his candid best.

While there are actors who love the whole idea of being a fine actor, Ranveer Singh begs to differ. He has no issues being objectified and without any hesitation, he said,

“I have no issue being objectified. I love when I’m positioned as a sex symbol. It’s like the best thing ever. I don’t want to be known as the best actor or the guy whose films make the most money. Just call me the sexiest, the hottest, the most desirable” – talk about narcissist hey!

However, not many know that enthu-cutlet Ranveer Singh has a sensitive side as well.  During the conversation, he said,

Ranveer Singh Ram Leela

“I am a sensitive actor. When I get yelled at, I go into a shell and my spirit breaks very easily. And I’m not resilient because as actors you’re baring your soul, you’re most vulnerable. There have been instances when I had to excuse myself from set, take a walk, come out of the studios, bawl my eyes out and come back”

This has not been the first time that Ranveer has referred to his mental state of happiness vs sad moments. In September 2015 he also referred to it stating the following:

I need to be positive and happy so as to spread it. Because somewhere that is my purpose in life. So I would say, bad days, they rarely happen to me. I do get affected, but then try and get over it as soon as possible. I don’t wallow in melancholy too much. Touch wood, there are too many things, that I am thankful for, so there is no reason to complain or feel sad or antsy, and also because I eat a lot of chocolate. (Laughs)

Ranveer Singh stars in the latest Bollywood offering, ‘Befikre’ across Vaani Kapoor releasing 09 December 2016.

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