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Same-Sex Kisses Not Allowed In Bollywood

Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor’s Befikre pre-release antics have left B-Town shocked and turned on to the reality that there is alot more to which they need to pay attention to when wanting mainstream entertainment attention. And it seems Befikre is one of those movies that has left jaws dropped and censorship being imposed on certain elements of the movie.

Pahlaj Nihalani who is the disputed god of censorship certification for Bollywood movies believes gay kissing is ‘unacceptable for a lot of viewers.’

We’ve endured the dashing Ranveer working the camera’s with his playboy red underwear;

ranveer singh red underwear

the provocative moves by Ranveer as he shoved his padded family jewels to a stripper  pole;

befikre ranveer naked

let alone Ranveer’s exposed ass,

Vaani stripteasing in a library and a medley of antics that ooze fun and frolic in the city of love, Paris.

It wasn’t any of the above that the Indian censor board found disturbing – it was the expression of affection of same sex kissing in one of the first songs to be released as part of Befikre’s promotions of Labon Ka Karobar. The soundtrack is fun and romantic in a mainstream edge applied to the song. It celebrates diversity by showing couples belonging to different sexual orientations, race, age, and varying personalities kissing on Parisian sidewalks.

Since the song released online, it didn’t have to go through the gruelling censorship process that CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani imposes on all films.  However, when the film released, the gay couples that were seen making out in the original version of the song were mysteriously missing.


Nihalani accepted that he got the kissing scenes featuring a gay and a lesbian couple kissing their respective partners, removed.

He said, “Yes, we have removed the gay kiss from the first song in Befikre. The whole song is about various couples of different ages kissing all over Paris. We felt the gay kiss would not be acceptable to all the viewers.”

The CBFC head said, “We shortened Ranveer Singh’s butt shot quite a lot (in Befikre). Right now it’s just a glimpse, no more. What’s wrong with it? He is alone with his girlfriend in a room. They are doing what couples do when they are alone.”

Watch the song here: 

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