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Why You Should NOT Book At The Westin Hotel

westin hotel not gay friendlyAnti-gay supporters from around the world have met in South Africa to issue a declaration opposing same-sex marriage and families.

The World Congress of Families Regional Conference took place last week at The Westin Hotel in Cape Town; the city that’s often dubbed Africa’s gay capital. The event was hosted by the recently formed International Organisation for the Family (IOF), an offshoot of the notoriously homophobic World Congress of Families; designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the US.

Hendrik Baird, Station Manager of GaySA Radio, told Mambaonline that he was appalled that The Westin hotel had hosted the conference.

“After so many South African businesses refused to host Pastor Anderson when he was about to visit South Africa earlier this year, it is really disappointing that a known hate group is being hosted by a respected hotel in Cape Town,” he said. “This raises the questions of if LGBTI people should choose to stay at that hotel in future,” Baird added.

The Westin Hotels & Resorts group was approached for comment and this was their response to IndianSpice regarding the hosting of the anti-LGBTQiA event at their Cape Town property.

“Dear Naufal,

The hotel has no affiliation with this group, nor hundreds of other organizations and businesses whose meetings and events we host yearly. We do not judge the positions of the groups utilizing our facilities.”

The response received from the Westin Hotels & Resorts is appalling, the LGBTQiA community of South Africa have started to boycott the hotel in Cape Town calling for South Africans and tourists to avoid booking at any Westin property and their Starwood Hotel group.

IndianSpice editor, Naufal Khan has expressed his dismay at the response that the Westin Hotels & Resorts Group has issued.

“This approach by the Westin Hotels & Resorts group is a direct smack in the face to the LGBTQiA community at large, not only South Africa but to the international traveller. I’ve also decided to cancel intended travel plans to stay at any of the Westin Hotels & Resorts properties including Starwood hotels going forward or endorsing their brands.”

The Westin hotel properties are made  up of the following hotels and venues.

westin hotels resorts

What do the letters in Lgbtqia stand for?
  1. LGBT: Abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. An umbrella term that is used to refer to the community as a whole. We use LGBTQIA to intentionally include and visibilize the Queer, Intersex and Asexual communities under an umbrella definition.

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