IndianSpice: 2016 In Review

IndianSpice Year In Review

South Africans of Indian descent are a particularly special bunch of people that I must admit. You can never completely satisfy them with everything you do but they will bring out the best in you that’s for sure.

The news front in 2016 has been an interesting journey for us at IndianSpice. We cover what’s interesting out on the Indian-internet and the SA Indian front with news that matters to a generation of readers that surpasses the racial stereotype.

You don’t have to be Indian to read our stories that are the tone of IndianSpice. From hard news and opinion pieces to lifestyle, weddings, travel to sex we pretty much attempt to give you a taste of everything that you essentially need to know.

So we’ve put together some of the most interesting stories of 2016 from IndianSpice here that were of interest to you.

When LotusFM became Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s playground

This was one of the biggest highlights when the mad king, Hlaudi decided to impose the 90% local music reform at the SABC.  LotusFM bowed down gracefully to the whims of the policy and hurled the most offensive music on the airwaves.

local music

Hlaudi went on to classify Indians at tribal in thinking and that the retaliation from listeners was of no merit.  LotusFM as much as they fell into line with policy, they wanted to give the listeners a chance to tackle the problem at the source.

The Newsbreak special edition show with Genevieve Lanka aired a live broadcast that included Hlaudi Motsoeneng to clarify the position of the local content policy. This is where he literally had sucker-punched himself on the show with his responses to the calls received. From callers crying in despair and others fuming, Motsoeneng went as far as threatening the Newsbreak Lotus host, Ms Lanka on air.

But Newsbreak had the last laugh! Lanka went on to win an award for that very show which she handled with steel grace!

Hlaudi succinctly summarized his opinion of SA Indians in 14 quotes here that had pretty much all social commentators highly peeved off. It didn’t take rocket science to figure out what’s next for the station Lotus FM.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. 90%. Local music will kill revenue & listenership, it happened. Listenership fell, revenue’s are dwindling and the management of LotusFM is working on ideas to hold on to listeners that still tune in.

Shocker changes Affect LotusFM


A reshuffle of staff and their roles at the station that was met with distaste from the employees but they still put on a brave front and graciously accepted the changes. Click here for that story

We kept a pulse on LotusFM through out the year and you can have a read of everything that went down for 2016 here

Rajiv Narandas was back in the news front again this year causing a ruckus with a “Where in the world is Rajiv Narandas?”

rajiv narandas

After failing to have his sentence appealed the murder accused failed to pitch up for incarceration due to an administration bungle. His mother Roseanne Narandas played with the media over the whereabouts of her son leaving authorities and the media guessing his location.

After her son was handed over to authorities, she used social media to share her angst over his sentence and to also paint him in an angelic stance. Yeah as if were going to fall for that. Read her rant here

The Indian Blesser

While we on the offbeat people another topic that plagued South African society was the concept of ‘blessers’ so we went on the search for the #IndianBlessers, this was an absolute hit with our readers, click here.

The shock and horror of local broadcast reform continued to make headlines for us when rumors started to upset the SA Indian community over the restrictions on Bollywood content. Click here

In June 2016, Logie Naidoo pretty much dominated social media with his moves in this video.

Zee problem with Aunty Rumba

Jailoshini Naidoo also headlined in June with her confrontation with stuck-up Bollywood wannabe’s who tried to throw some shade on her alter-ego – Aunty Rumba. Jailoshini was dragged through media as the one with the problem one week and then the next week she was cleared of any troublemaking. Here’s what happened click here

Narendra Modi: What the f*ck am I even doing here!

Narendra Modi
India’s main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi attends the party’s two-day long National Council meeting beginning Saturday to chalk out election strategy, in New Delhi, India, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014. Modi has been accused of looking the other way while his state suffered one of India’s worst outbreaks of religious violence in 2002 and critics question whether the Hindu nationalist chief can be a truly secular leader over India’s many cultures. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)

And, thanks to All India Bakchod for this video, pretty much summed up what Narendra Modi was thinking when he got on stage. Narendra Modi caused a bit of a stir in South Africa with his visit he was in town in a flash and disappeared as quick has he arrived.

On the cinema front there were a deluge of movies being released in both Bollywood and Kollywood and some great music one of those that stood out for us was a cover version of ‘Ik Kudi’ from #UdtaPunjab. We published an article on the Chennai Street Band who gave the song a new twist to which caught the eye of lead star Shahid Kapoor who endorsed the song on IndianSpice. It took just Shahid Kapoor’s retweet that nearly broke our server with millions of his followers watching the song on IndianSpice. Click here for that

And what happens when the News Guy who brings us all the best on LotusFM become the news himself.

Sareshen Pillay had the sympathy of everyone when his life was threatened. Click here

The obsession with enhancing your complexion took centre stage with IndianSpice that led to much discussion over the topic. Worth a read, Shades Of Kerishnie To Sorisha, Whats Your Color?

#WarrapenKeegan was the hash tag for a week or two with an incident that caused SA Indian internet to go batshit. Click here

From the humble home in Verulam rose a food enthusiast that went on to the BBC One Food Show to showcase his gastronomic talent. Meet Eugene Rangayah then ‘Aiyoh’ was officially added To Oxford Dictionary, another proud moment for Indians.

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