Editorial: In the New Year With IndianSpice

The 12th year of Indian Spice in existence – WOW! And now a beginning of a new calendar year 2017 is always an exciting feeling for us.  The anticipation of a new year is at its heart a fantasy of newness and clean slates, the chance to do things differently and with more attention to purpose.


In reality, it’s also one of the most challenging times of year for many of us. That moment we realize that we have to return from holidays and fly straight into the plate-glass window of an insane schedule.

At Indian Spice we take a deep breath and remember what it is that we’re doing, and why. You won’t find any New Year’s resolutions, but you will encounter many different angles on the idea of first principles: the ideas and positions on which everything else is built. We don’t often have time to consider all the underlying stuff that gives our work shape, character, and meaning, and that time won’t ever appear on its own. But we can choose it. Even in the crazy spells—and maybe especially then, when we’re making so many important decisions.

By all accounts Indian Spice has grown to become an extremely successful Indian Diaspora news platform.  The readership of the Indian Spice website stands at over 100, 000 users monthly that which has exceeded our targets for 2016.

I believe this is a direct influence from two factors, it reflects the collective thinking of the quirky team that looks after Indian Spice and that of the reader.

Given this history of our track record with bringing our readers a fresh and innovative way of news consumption and fulfilling our advertising clients goals, our Editorial team plans to take on the idea of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it policy.”

However, that is not to say we plan on continuing without change. I have the resolve that there are areas in which Indian Spice can benefit from some new changes.

We will be bringing you the best of relationships, sex and more with our digital partner, Bonobology. So make sure you’ve liked them on Facebook, following them on Twitter & Instagram.

Over the next several months you will see enhancements to Indian Spice that will bring users a new experience of the way our news is presented to you and more! So brace yourselves for a crackerjack year ahead of trending news, Indian cinema, indian lifestyle and more!  Follow us on on our social media pages here Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

We promise to do our best not only to maintain the excellence but also to continue the work of improving Indian Spice as it enters its 12th year. Wishing you all a prosperous and exciting year ahead with us from Indian Spice!


About Naufal Khan

Naufal Khan was the Publisher at ADISHAKTI MEDIA and the editor-in-chief of the South African Indian news service Indian Spice. Khan was former Sunday Times journalist and also an occult fiction and non-fiction writer with several published titles.