Tribute: Mirza Ghalib Cover Of ‘Arz-E-Niyaz’

“arz-e-niyāz-e-ishq ke qābil nahīñ rahā
jis dil pe naaz thā mujhe vo dil nahīñ rahā”

(The heart with which I could claim to offer the submission of love does not remain.
The passionate heart I used to pride myself on- that did not remain.)

This poetry, titled ‘Arz-E-Niyaz’ is one of the most soulful verses Mirza Ghalib ever wrote and is the inspiration behind this original composition of ‘Berklee Indian Ensemble’.

Mirza Ghalib is arguably the finest poets to have ever stepped foot on Earth. The Urdu and Persian language poet is remembered for his beautifully composed shayaris and poems. Long after he is gone, his verses about the various aspects of life still echo in the poetries of many great artisans.

This video uploaded by Berklee College of Music is the most fitting tribute to Mirza Ghalib on his birth anniversary by the Berklee Indian Ensemble. The song is an original composition of Sashank Navaladi and features renowned singer Vijay Prakash. It captures the essence of Ghalib’s poetry and transforms it into a sweet melody that entices you by its magical aura. A brilliant musical score and beautiful inputs from the choir have definitely added to the charm of the song.

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