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Twinkle Khanna Offends Bhaisexuals

Twinkle Khanna has the power to shake the country with her mere words. More often than not, her entertaining blogs have managed to offend people and create unnecessary controversies. The latest one seems to have done it as well.

She writes, “It has been a surprising, convoluted and may I add, rather colourful 2016 with an orange Donald Duck in the White House and pink notes in brown hands. A busy year, with money to deposit and not much to withdraw, tackling Brexit, sexists and taking so many wrong exits. There were horrific bombings, perplexing bans, surgical strikes, patriotic parrots, a lot of standing up and a lot more of falling upside down.”

Here she takes a shot at Salman Khan while she holidays in Cape Town, South Africa.

The witty columnist/author took a dig at Salman Khan in her column recently.  In a humorous take on the year that 2016 was, Mrs Funny bones again managed to tickle our funny bone when she summed up this entire year’s drama in 10 classified ads.

One of those 10 ads was on our very own Salman Bhai. She wrote,

“Alliance Wanted For One Of India’s Oldest But Most Eligible Bachelors: Dashing, non-vegetarian, successful and muscular Khandani boy. Excellent in dance, drama and art. Girl must be pretty, slim and enjoy long drives off the beaten path. Bride must not be very talkative, as groom cannot tolerate any buck buck. Caste no bar. Contact”

Ahem! This definitely didn’t go down too well with Salman Khan’s fans.

In no time, the Twitterati started trolling the shit out of the lady. From calling her names to writing nasty and nonsensical crap about her and her family, the trolls left no stone unturned to demean her.

twinkle khanna

But Khanna who’s known for her sass and wit managed to shut all the trolls with one tweet! She tweeted,

She further tweeted a picture of her and Salman Khan, wishing his fans a Merry Christmas!


twinkle khanna blogThe actor in questioned hasn’t reacted as of yet. Considering it was all in good jest, we are pretty sure that Salman won’t be affected by all this hoopla. The duo has even done a film called Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai together and there is definitely no love-lost between them.

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