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Aamir Khan’s Dangal Transformation Questioned

Why Aamir Khan’s beefed-up look in Dangal is deceptive

In Dangal, Khan plays the role of former Indian Olympics wrestler and senior wrestling coach Mahavir Phogat. While most of the movie revolves around his life post retirement – when he was chubby and had a nice paunch – there are parts of the movie that features Phogat in the prime of his youth, rippling with muscles and jacked up. Khan, thus, had to gain about 28 kilos, and then consequently lose all that fat in just less than six months. That is certainly an extraordinary feat for anyone, more so for a 51-year-old man.

In the video, we get to see Aamir working his butt off, and sweating it out, ultimately managing to look better and fitter than regular 20-somethings. His video caused a lot of buzz, after all, it isn’t everyday that you get to see someone being this dedicated to their work. The video, like others in the past, has another side effect: it has created a sudden frenzy for fitness.

But in that fitness frenzy, one has to remember one thing: there is always more than meets the eye. Aamir Khan may be awesome, but it is nearly impossible to have achieved what he did, in that kind of a time frame without a little “something something” on the side – steroids.

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