Through The Lens With Devendran Naidoo

When a picture’s worth a thousand words, Devendran Naidoo understands this concept through his craft of photography. Naufal chatted to Devendran on his passion which comes through in his photos across social media.

devendran naidoo

Durban is a city of immense delights and Devendran Naidoo is a true patriot to the city.

A little light makes everything better… #LongExpoElite

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I found the light… #Standing_Solo #HarmonyOfLight

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Why do you love photography? 

“I love photography because it allows me to create art rooted in reality. It enables us to capture moments that would otherwise just blend into all the other moments that have passed. Instead, we can freeze time in a way and be able to look back at it over time, seeing something new or different in it because while the image hasn’t changed, we have”

That is usually my response to the question “Why do I love photography?”

What equipment do you use and how did it start?

I got into it pretty late in life though, times were tough back then. We’ve all gotta start somewhere, so I saved up enough cash to buy a little Sony point-and-shoot camera, these days I’m shooting with a either a Fujifilm X-T1, X-T10, or my trusty iPhone 5s.

Around 5am, the last sunrise of this year… #AnotherMorningStory #ChasingLight

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Escape the crowd, escape the ordinary… #VisualsOfLife #PeopleInFrame

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The plan from back then was just to take pictures of whatever I found interesting, cityscapes, landscapes, wildlife, or people in random places.

Durban Light… #LongExpoElite

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I have spent countless HOURS working on writing about my take on photography or my artist statement. The writing that results is often lacklustre and sometimes just plain cheesy or preachy or some other undesirable adjective. Anyhow it turns out I really do know the answer to this question though, and I hope I never lose sight of that.

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