SRK, Can We Talk About Your Mindset?

In the age where honor killings are rife, perpetuated to be the law as accorded by Islam, these so called Muslims attest by this act as being the only way to absolve themselves of so called ‘shame’ by their victims.

I found Shah Rukh Khan’s statement to the media about his sons to be quite sickening. The ‘Badshah’ took it as far as to state that he would behead his sons for disrespecting a woman.

badshah shah rukh khan
Father of two sons, Shah Rukh Khan recently opened up about the same and revealed how he strictly expects his sons to respect women and be on their best behavior around them.

In an interview with Femina, SRK said,” I tell Aryan and even AbRam never hurt a woman. If you do, I’ll behead you. And no, times have not changed. A girl is not your chhadi-buddy; show some respect.”

I totally agree you with SRK on the issue when it comes to respect for women, however I think you could have avoided equating your justice to the act of beheadings.

Badshah has ironically stood against terrorism in his movie ‘My Name Is Khan’ – he potentially softened the character for Muslims after the 9/11 attacks, it was the American pipe dream that he sold for his commercial gain clearly thinking about it in retrospect. Well done to you!

Everything you worked for in that movie was undone with just another terrorist attack thereafter – no wonder you’re being treated like a terrorist every time you enter the United States of America. And, thanks to you, I am also stopped on entry as my surname is Khan, so when that happens, I’m thinking – ‘this is because of you Badshah.’

It has become such a norm for us to accept the fate of hundreds, maybe thousands who are victims of terrorism. We watch painful videos of beheadings and we have become so numb to it. We’ve started to lose sight of the value of human life. Terrorists articulate their message to the Western and Islamic nations as a call to return to the dark ages – something that I won’t stand for.

I really wished you stated that you would slap your sons like normal parents or beat some sense into them – that would have sat well with me. For you ‘Badshah’, to equate to the act of ‘beheading your sons’ as justice was crude. Then one would also surmise you agree with the concept honor killings and would exact that same fury on Suhana for angering you.

It’s just wrong on so many levels; first off you are a Muslim, with first hand knowledge of the history of the act of beheadings in Islam. Secondly, there are people who’ve had their loved ones beheaded just for the sake of a screwed up cause.

Isis publicly executing 2 coalition spies with beheadings.

Your statement about ‘beheading your sons’ just exposes how our thought processes are being shifted to accept this act in society as justice. Your social currency and influence is immense, your utterances like this one is concerning.

I’m still a fan of your movies – just I won’t take you seriously anymore, after all you are just Bollywood.

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