maaya vikram bhatt web series

Maaya: A Sexually Explosive Indian Film

This isn’t the average Indian movie, Vikram Bhatt is set to cause a stir with his maiden web series. It is one of the boldest films to be released this year and features Shama Sikander in the main role.  In the official movie poster, Shama is not just naked but is also tied up.

Though Shama has cleared the air about the film being called a copy of the popular film, 50 Shades Of Grey. She had recently said that BDSM is the only thing common between the Hollywood film and her web series.

maaya vikram bhatt web series

When Bhatt was interviewed by the Hindustan Times he was adamant that Fifty Shades of Grey played no influence on this web series. “Unfortunately, anything that is BDSM is Fifty Shades of Grey. And I see no point in fighting that perception. It’s like saying Dangal is Sultan because they are about wrestling.” stated Bhatt.

When asked as to why he chose to produce this for the internet and not a feature film, “There are many reasons for that. Firstly, ‘Maaya’ works best in Hinglish. It cannot be tailor-made to any one particular kind of audience that films tend to do now. By that, I mean the single and multiplex division. Also, ‘Maaya’ would have never gotten past the censors and in this, the censors would have been right because I think ‘Maaya’ is more a private watch than a collective movie-going experience.”

He went on to state that he also believe that in groups, people are pretentious. In private, they watch everything that appeals to their primordial sense.

Shama Sikander was a household name, thanks to her cute and charming appearances on daily soaps. But for a few years, the actress has shown a different side of her personality to the world.  After opening up about her battle with depression and her suicide attempt, she has came on board as the lead in Maaya.

The trailer begins with a male voice-over explaining what BDSM is. “Bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. The need for one person to control and the other to surrender. The world of BDSM,” he says as Shama’s character is bound, gagged and spanked with a riding crop.

maaya vikram bhatt web series

Shama and Vipul Gupta are shown to be initiating a BDSM relationship where Vipul will play the dominant and she the submissive. But there is another weird angle to the story as Shama suffers from retrograde amnesia. She is a married woman who can’t remember what happened to her six months ago.  Suspicion leads her husband to find out about her secret affair from her personal blog entries and he decides to take revenge.

The trailer ends on a dramatic note as each of the characters go through an emotional upheaval. Expect alot of drama, crying, over-acting and of course, kinky sex.  The series launches on January 27 on YouTube.


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