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Neil Nitin Mukesh On Arranged Marriage

Neil Nitin Mukesh surprised everyone when he announced his engagement to Rukmini Sahay last year. The couple, who met through their parents are all set to tie the knot in Udaipur on the 9th of February and have sent out the cutest wedding cards aka a cute little coffee table book. You can find this here.

In an interview with HT, Mukesh opened up about his marriage being arranged.

neil nitin mukesh

There’s nothing shocking about it. Sometimes we overlook things, which our parents don’t and it’s coming together of two families. And when you look into detailing, it makes more sense. It’s a strong foundation. People would often come up to me surprised, ‘Neil you are having an arranged marriage!’ Initially, I got defensive but now I just laugh it off. I love the idea of fans thinking about their actors to have a fairytale life, which is beautiful. But somewhere for me, I have made sure that I draw a line between my personal and professional life,

That’s exactly how it should be. As long as you’re happy, Neil. 🙂 The two will have a grand reception in Mumbai at a five star hotel in Juhu on the 17th of February.

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