Music: In My Heart By Rory Booth

There’s a bunch of people we all know, you’ve heard the phrase, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’

Rory Booth

I am one of them and yes we’re known as the jack-of-all trades BUT we choose to not master one but intentionally master ALL of them. When you were younger you might recall someone telling you that you’re only good at one thing. You can’t be both an artist and a doctor at the same time, so goes the orthodoxy.

If you’re from Durban you are familiar with the name Rory Booth, you get to see him on stage, in movies, has a passion for singing, dancing classical kathak and I am pretty convinced he is a superhero with underwear over his tights at night.

While we go to bed like normal people, we would safely assume he does too – but he doesn’t.  I would wake up to a new video or instagram post or both by Booth and I am worried he hasn’t got much sleep. I am almost ready to sponsor him a supply of sleeping pills so he gets some rest. But those late nights have paid off especially with his musical offering.

He is a rare combination of ingredients that include charisma, artistic range, versatility and loads of ambition. The Durban born and bred Rory is a hunk of talent that will appear in the much anticipated motion picture ‘Keeping Up With The Kandasamy’s’ which he co-wrote as well, alongside Jailoshini Naidoo, Maeshni Naicker & Madhushan Singh. I am not going to outline his impressive resume you can check that out here

The song is a passionate offering to his grandmother who has inspired his life and everything that he does now. With clear-cut notes of the keyboard and the rhythmic component of Hindustani music, the taal reminding one of the fluid movements of a kathak dancer in motion to tabla beats blend beautifully.

The verve that Booth has for the arts is exemplary, the discipline he displays in his artistic craft is the only way for a multidimensional like him to be happy is to do ALL the things he does, to the best of his ability, all the time, and so far its paid off, without fear of starvation.

Have a listen to ‘In My Heart’ right here and remember to purchase your edition of this song on iTunes today.

His social media handles click on them and give him a follow | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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