PHOTOS: Mumbai Pride Parade Is Heartwarming!

While majority of India’s  politicians continue to stand firm behind the archaic Section 377, 14,500+ people took to the streets in Mumbai in support of the LGBTQ community. It was the city’s biggest pride march yet with people from all walks of society in attendance.

The Pride Walk ’17 was organised by Queer Azaadi Mumbai with everyone decked up to their flamboyant best. It was one of the most magnificent displays of progressive thought this nation had ever seen.

Here are some of the most splendid pictures from the grand event:

1. The streets were filled with abundant colour

pride 6

2. Beauty broke its shackles and spread all around.

pride 3


3. People were comfortable in their own skin.

pride 9

4. And flaunted it with pride.

pride 19

5. Joy was the consensus.

pride 15

6. Just look at him grove to the beat!

7. A wonderful smile!

pride 17

8. Unbound, unafraid, proud.

pride 21

9. Diversity amongst the marchers was tremendous!

pride 11

10. And everyone stood united.

pride 5

11. For equal rights for us all.

pride 10

12. Makes perfect sense, right?

pride 20

13. I’m sorry too.

14. The march had some incredible support

15. Even from the four-legged community.


16. Join team Dumbledore instead!

17. Spread the love

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18. So just leave your hate at the door.

pride 18

19. And be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

pride 13

20. This is the spirit of pride. Unyielding and so very beautiful.

pride 7It’s truly wonderful to see how people from every caste, creed, gender, race and orientation came together as one to lend their unwavering support for what’s right: being your true self.

Never let society tell you to act a certain way or dress a certain way or live a certain way. It’s your life. Live free.

Source: Queer Azaadi Mumbai

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