Pornhub Report: Indians make the horny list

Often referred to as ‘the Rainbow Nation’, South Africa is indeed a multi-ethnic country. Given such diversity the team at Pornhub was curious to find out if South Africans showed the same diversity when it came to world’s standard of porn viewing habits?

If we take a closer look at their top 20 countries it’s South Africa that drove the most traffic to the site through smartphones (73%), which equates to a 15% increase in market share from 2015. South Africa has climbed 4 spots since 2015 to make it into the top 20.

Choking the chicken masala

So what is it that South Africans looking for on Pornhub? Nationwide the search term “Indian” makes the top of the list, proving incredibly popular in the Kwazulu-Natal region.

Why? Though Indians make up only 2.7% of South Africa’s population, they form a large concentration in Durban, the largest city in Kwazulu-Natal. Durban contains the largest concentration of people of Indian descent outside of India.

In the Western Cape region, “Indian”, “black” and “ebony” fall much further down the list of top searches. Although Western Cape has a large white-European population, Gauteng officially has the highest concentration, and these terms are still among the top searches there.

Popping its ‘top 20 list’ cherry, South Africa! Pushing Romania off the list for the first time since the beginning of Year in Review posts in 2013, South Africa rounds out the list for 2016 and it seems they are quite patriotic down there as well.

Terms containing “South African’ dominate the top searches list. And if your jam is ‘black’ anything, you have something in common with South Africans whose number one viewed category is ‘Ebony.’ ‘Black south african’, ‘big ass ebony mom’ and ‘big black booty’ all increased in popularity by (respectively) 279%, 224% and 171%.


Keeping in check with their top 20 countries, the Philippines who have been holding down the number one spot with the largest share of female viewers for the last two years, were blindsided by Brazil. Brazilian babes caught up to the Philippines, tying the reigning champs for first place with an impressive 35% of visitors to Pornhub from these countries belonging to the fairer sex. Top 20 newbie, South Africa came in at number 3 with an astounding 33% female viewership, pushing India 4th place, tied with Sweden, Argentina and Mexico (all with 30% female viewership). Countries like the United States, Canada, UK and Italy, all who were at the top of our top 20 countries fell closer to the bottom here.

When did South African’s reduce their porn browsing?

During Diwali traffic drops 17% in the Indian category and none more so than New Year’s Eve, so let’s begin with that. On December 31st, worldwide traffic to the site dropped lower than any other day of the year and South Africa reduced to 59% to be exact.

Christmas: Between 6 pm and midnight on Christmas Eve, traffic to Pornhub dropped about 33% on Christmas Eve, versus 20% throughout the entire day of Christmas.

How long do South Africans last?

For 2016 it seems to last a little longer for South Africans shooting up 16 seconds on 2015, establishing an average time on site of 9:36. The Philippines is holding onto its first place position here with an average visit length to Pornhub of 12:45, exactly the same as where they were at in 2015. South Africa is in 2nd position.

Top performing provinces

Though it may be the smallest of all South African provinces geographically, Gauteng also happens to be the most populous. It comes as no surprise then that the province accounts for the largest proportion of South African traffic with 55%. Visitors from Western Cape account for a further 26%, while KwaZulu-Natal provides another 12%.

What special event in SA’s history did citizens stop browsing?

On December 15, 2013 the world stopped to mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela and celebrate his amazing life. Nowhere was his loss felt more than in South Africa, and that country’s traffic to Pornhub slowed dramatically during the four hours in which his funeral took place – down 22% compared to an average Sunday.

Later that evening, the traffic returned to normal, and even showed a 34% increase over Sunday norms between 10pm and 1am.

Data and statistics collected over 3 year period reported here.

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