Wednesday , 24 April 2019
Can it be overwhelming to be called the highest paid actress in India?

The Feminist In Deepika Comes Out

That Deepika Padukone is one of the most successful hindi film actresses of all time is no big secret. Our cover star of the fortnight, in an exclusive and candid interview gave us a glimpse of her true blue feminist side and we can’t help but continue our rave fest for her. Here’s the excerpt:

Can it be overwhelming to be called the highest paid actress in India?

I would be worried if I was labelled for the kind of kind I did – say if someone referred to be as a ‘bubbly’ actor or as an actor who can only do a certain type of films. That sort of classification would worry me. That’s something that happens in our film industry. The generic tags of being a superstar or being well paid don’t affect me at all. I feel proud that people call me the highest paid actress in Hindi films. I also feel humbled. I have better sense than to let these titles affect me. Eventually, it’s the work that matters. The reason I hold the title of the highest paid actresses is because I’m able to deliver at the box-office. I see that as an achievement not just for myself but for women around the world. Because it’s not just in the film industry but in every walk of professional life where women are dealing with this situation. They have to prove their capability to be paid well in keeping with their efforts. I’ve achieved something with this particular epithet. But there’s still a long way to go.

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