All India Bakchod Gets ROASTED And SRK Proves He’s The Best!

No matter if you’re a SRK Fan or not, one undeniable fact about him is that he has the best sense of humor in the film fraternity. From his funny one-liners to his comebacks, everything is so spontaneous and funny that people can’t help but fall for his humor and charm.

AIB did a podcast with Bollywood’s King Khan and the result is nothing short of epic! Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, Khamba and Ashish Shakya casually hung out at SRK’s Mannat and what followed were series of some hilarious revelations by SRK!

For starters, let’s look at some of the funniest SRK moments from the podcast.

1. No. SRK will never endorse a dandruff shampoo! He said,

“I find it odd and I’m a little shy. Having to do things like dandruff on my shoulder and all is awkward for me. I always say, “look the whole idea of this ad is that this doesn’t happen to me so people will take it because ‘oh it doesn’t happen to SRK because he uses this product’. If you show it happening to me, I’m a regular guy. I’m not a regular guy.”  I’m Shah Rukh Khan. Mujhe daad, khaaj, khujli nahi hoti.”

2. And SRK had the funniest reason (a valid one, though) about him, not taking a stand like Meryl Streep. Taking a dig at himself, he said,


“Kya hua na is baar Filmfare Award nahi mila…milta toh yahi speech deta. Jab sala award hi nahi milega toh speech kaise dunga”.

3. When Tanmay asked SRK how it feels to steal the limelight from the bride and groom at the weddings he chooses to dance in, a not-too-modest SRK said,


I mean…they should be happy I’m not stealing the bride away.”

4. Recalling a really funny encounter that SRK had while shooting for a biscuit add, he revealed,


“I was doing an ad for a biscuit. And there are only couple of ways that even the most varied kind of an actor can eat a biscuit. You can be in love with it, you can be angry with it – I tried all of that. But a biscuit is not eaten with any emotion you know. It’s eaten with biscuit emotion.” He went on to narrate how ridiculous some people sound in the advertising world and how his super protective team dealt with them. “A lot of times ek aadmi ya aurat aate hain jo emotionally involved hote hain apne product ke sath and rightly so aur who mujhko aake bolte hain ‘Sir I want you to eat the biscuit. The feeling of homeliness, the feeling of years of gone by, the feeling of who you are. The feeling of all your achievements gone in that one bite’ and my biggest cheap thrill is that my team is like ‘itni feeling aati toh yaar Filmfare mil jata’ They’re very protective. They are like ‘Itna bola yaar sir ko. Itna toh inke baap ko bhi kisi ne nahi bola’.”

Here’s part 1 and click here for part 2

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