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Just Married? Then You Have to Watch This

Life after marriage is marred with a whole new set of problems. No sooner have you tied the knot than all of your relatives bombard you with RFPs for a kid. In fact, after a point, it stops being a request and becomes an obligation that you’ve failed to meet. The most random people, those you haven’t seen and perhaps will never want to see ever again, walk up to you, “Arre, ab tak bachha kaise nahi hua?”.

Anirban Dasgupta, in his latest stand-up clip, talks about how after getting married, having a kid is at the very bottom of his priority list. Actually, having a kid is perhaps at the top of a separate list titled ‘Never to Prioritise’. He recounts some of the most ridiculous reasons for people asking him to have a kid and they’re all hilarious! Check it out.

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