PHOTOS: Neil & Rukmini Pre-Wedding Love!

Neil Nitin Mukesh got engaged to Rukmini Sahay, last year, and is getting hitched pretty soon. Theirs is an arranged-turned-love marriage as the two met through family. After a few meetings, they knew “they were irrevocably in love when they found home in each other”.

neil nitin mukesh

The pre-wedding shoot which is nothing but a reflection of their love — all radiant and glowing with happiness. Neil, in an interview, said, “I think she (Rukmini) is just perfect. She is the perfect balance that any man would want in his woman. She is simple, beautiful, loving and all the awesome adjectives I can think of. She fits them all.”

Their pre-wedding photoshoot with The Wedding Story is here and it is full of love, quirk and a bit of crazy. Have a dekko!

1. Neil and Rukmini might’ve met through family, but fell in love pretty soon.

2. While you know Neil’s Bollywood footing, his fiancé belongs to the aviation industry.

neil nitin mukesh wedding

3. Neil is an old school guy when it comes to marriage.

neil nitin mukesh wedding

4. The two have a pretty good understanding and are looking forward to spending their lives together.

neil nitin mukesh wedding

5. And, they make a very cute couple.

neil nitin mukesh wedding


6. They are quirky….

neil nitin mukesh wedding

7. They’re fun…

8. And, very much in love.

Neil and Rukmini are set to tie a knot in Udaipur on February 9. Thus, the wait for the wedding pictures begins.

Source: The Wedding Story

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