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Radhika Apte On Nudity In Bollywood Films

radhika apte parchedRadhika Apte is not one to shy away from playing bold roles on screen. She experiments with every character she plays – whether it’s a full length feature film or whether it’s a short film. Ate really has been a game changer in this sphere and is one of the few Indian actresses who doesn’t mind baring it all it the script requires.

In an interview with TOI, Apte opened up on the matter.

Films are big in our country and people are emotional about it. I am aware of what happened with the nude scene in Parched. But men and women who connected with it, didn’t see it through the prism of nudity. The problem arises when nudity is seen out of context. Even then, I don’t think that our audience is immature,” she says, adding, “Nudity is justified if it’s relevant to the plot. The intention should be right. But if it’s just about showing women dancing naked in the name of entertainment, that’s not acceptable. It really depends on why you are putting it in.

Completely agree with her. It’s amazing how times are changing and how our actresses are stepping out of their comfort zones, no? Good on you, Radhika for always being so bold.

Watch Radhika Apte and that SEX scene from Parched here

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