cheating and infidelity

Your Cheating Lover Plans To Do This On V-Day!

A revealing study into the deep, dark secrets of cheaters has revealed which excuses will be used most commonly on Valentine’s Day, as almost one-third of active cheaters in South Africa plan to spend time with both their lover and their long-term partner on the most romantic day of the year.

cheating and infidelity

The survey, conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating site for married and attached people looking to cheat – asked 5907 of its active male and female members from 19 countries to put down the chocolates, fluffy handcuffs and champagne and answer some questions about who takes priority on Valentine’s Day, and why.

Working overtime, a friend who was heartlessly dumped, a sick family member, going on a secret present shopping mission and exercising are the top five excuses South African cheaters will be using on February 14.

The most popular excuse to escape sticky-sweet situations on Valentine’s Day is working overtime, and will be used by 43% of South African women and 62% of women. This is the perfect excuse as it will tug at the heartstrings of their long term partner, perhaps even evoking pity or guilt, leaving the cheater free to disappear and spend some quality time with their lover without being questioned. The reality is, 45% of women and 62% of men have ever actually had to work late at least for once.

The second most effective excuse for women is shopping for a secret present – a classic that will be used by 30% of South African female cheaters and only 4% of males. In truth, 73% of women and 65% of men have actually ever got disappeared to shop for a secret present on February 14.

The third excuse most likely to be used is exercising – with 13% of women and 29% of men believing this to be a failsafe way to slip away for a romantic interlude. Just 41% of females and 62% of males though, have really exercised on Valentine’s Day.

The least popular excuse is meeting a lonely friend who just got dumped, with just both 4% of female and male cheaters believing this is a strong enough reason for their partner to let them disappear on the most significant day for lovers. Only 23% of female and 15% of male cheaters have ever met a heartlessly dumped friend on this special day.

Founder and CEO for Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the results showed that while the excuses differ, there’s definitely a sense that cheaters want to share their Valentine’s Day with their lover and their long-term partner.

“The relationship a cheater has with their long term partner is definitely different to what they experience with their lover, however there is still a lot of feeling involved. Cheaters will make a choice on Valentine’s Day, and many of them want to celebrate with their lover and their partner, with the help of a little white lie,” Mr Vedal said.

This data was taken from the local results of a global survey with 5,907 participants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Slovenia, Czech, Poland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United States, New Zealand, Austria and South Africa.

Are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  FEMALE  /   MALE

Yes                                45%                43%

No                                  55%                37%

Whom are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with?   

I will only meet my lover                       40%                38%

I will only meet my partner                    32%                31%

I will meet both                                      28%                31%

What excuse will you give your partner if you are going to meet your lover?

I am working overtime                                        43%                57%

I am meeting a friend who just got dumped         4%                  4%

I am buying him/her a secret present                 30%                 4%

I am visiting a sick family member                        9%                 7%

I am exercising                                                    13%               29%

Have you ever had to work overtime on Valentine’s Day?

Yes                                45%                58%

No                                  55%                42%

Have you ever had to meet a lonely friend who just got dumped on Valentine’s Day?

Yes                                23%                15%

No                                  77%                85%

Have you ever spent the day looking for a secret present for your partner on Valentine’s Day?

Yes                                73%                65%

No                                  27%                35%

Have you ever visited a sick family member on Valentine’s Day?

Yes                                32%                10%

No                                  68%                90%

Have you ever exercised on Valentine’s Day?

Yes                                41%                62%

No                                  59%                38%

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