The Best #KoffeeWithKaran Episode Coming Up

She’s a firebrand and mincing words is not her cup of tea…err…koffee. Kangana Ranaut is taking the ‘Koffee’ couch along with her ‘Rangoon’ co-star, Saif Ali Khan, and we can already see that this episode will be high on spicy content.

Kangana and Saif are giving us talking material already. On the show, Kangana casually answered that if a biopic was ever made on her, what would Karan’s role be in it.

“If a biopic is made on me, you will play that stereotypical Bollywood biggie who is like, you know very snooty and completely intolerant to outsiders and flag bearer of nepotism, the movie mafia.

Saif couldn’t help but ‘wow’ at her reaction. Not that stereotypical ‘waaooww’, though!


Ask Saif, what’s the first thing that attracts him in a woman? He chirps,





Not only that, during the ‘Koffee shots with Karan’ segment, Saif confessed to cheating on his partner.


And, Kangana shed light on how she’s jealous of Aamir Khan’s success over ‘Dangal’. She added,



Saif’s reaction was epic and so was Karan’s.

Bloody hell! Can’t wait for this episode! ?

Image and News Source: Star World

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