LotusFM: Neville Pillay Speaks Out, Here’s His Statement

Following the breaking story last night, Neville Pillay took to social media to share his views with his fans and acquaintances which confirms the series of transgressions by the current Marketing Manager, Randheer Balbadan.

Get the full story here below from former LotusFM DJ Neville ‘Topdan’ Pillay


Good morning everyone, this will be my longest post ever, so bare with me (promise I won’t do a long post like this again) I want to have the final say on the matter.

I always showed respect to people there and everywhere I go. I know what it’s like to be poor and just because I achieved fame and success it didn’t change me.

I quit Lotus fm on Thursday and after 21 years on radio, it’s sad for it to have ended the way it did. Ever since I was 4 years old all I ever wanted to be was on the radio. By age 19 I achieved that goal and been doing it ever since. Throughout my career I’ve interviewed and met some of the biggest names in entertainment. I’m grateful that my ego has never got inflated. It was a difficult struggle for sure but I pulled through. I’m thankful to have always done prime time shows.

The life of a radio jock is difficult, no holidays or extended leave, no work no pay. I have the distinction of never being late for a single show, ever. I was the youngest Indian jock on a commercial radio station doing breakfast, at P4 radio aged 22. Throughout this time I never had a run in with any manager, never spoke down to or had a conflict with any staff. I spent 9 years at ECR and have fond memories of my time there. I mean I’m not shy to say I live in Effingham and drive a beat up Corolla.

When I joined lotus fm I even quipped to Santosh Beharie that I was COMING HOME. It’s been an incredible 5 years despite the recent 90/10 issues. Santosh for his part and credit to him never threatened anyone with their jobs. If you did your job he supported you and he even protected us in most circumstances. I spend a lot of time before and after each show to create the content you hear. It’s very difficult to come up with new scams and twisted tunes, skits etc, daily and still be relevant and fresh. So, I don’t want my job back, I quit. There was no controversy on my part, I didn’t steal, and I didn’t attack anyone or anything of the sort.


– Randheer Balbadan, LotusFM Marketing Manager

Randheer Balbadan
Currently the Lotus FM Marketing Manager, Randheer Balbadan

I always showed respect to people there and everywhere I go. I know what it’s like to be poor and just because I achieved fame and success it didn’t change me. During our meeting last Thursday I questioned Santosh Beharie on the state of the studio. It’s in poor shape, almost nothing works and it’s held together by sticky tape almost, huge credits to the jocks that still manage to keep it together. These people you hear go thrush a lot but at the end of the day they shut up and put up for fear of intimidation. This isn’t a reflection on our programme manager, rather the SABC as a whole.

When I asked him what’s to be done, Randheer, the marketing manager interjected, he said you guys don’t deserve any new equipment because you put your feet up on the desk and eat in the studio.

I agree I do put my feet up on the desk every now and then, but I said, “We don’t eat in the studio.” He then proceeded to tell me,

I was shocked because up to this point I’ve had nothing but good relations with this guy, never once had a run in with him since he started there a short while ago. I even had to confirm with my colleagues that he was talking to me. I immediately thought of my two little girls, what if this guy actually does physically beat me up? I literally feared for my life.

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Never in my entire radio career has anyone in management spoken to me that way. I don’t walk in there with a chip on my shoulder. I’m at every meeting and every event without fail, being a part of this team. That’s when I made the immediate decision to walk out, I didn’t respond to him.

What a hypocrite Alvin Pillay is….

Alvin Pillay just stood by and watched and never intervened. What a hypocrite Alvin Pillay is, as he was too quick to fire Fahim, Nash and Lendel for minor transgressions, yet he let his Marketing manager speak to me, one of the most loyal and consistent jocks, in that manner?

Look, I don’t want my job back. I have a community, black, white and Indian that will never let me starve or live on the street.

My bruin oustoo, aweh – hell!

I even married one of your kind I smaak you’ll so much! Life has bigger things in store but I just needed people to know this is what happened and it was the final nail in the coffin.

I understand he also went on to (Randheer) verbally assault another female colleague at that same meeting, a woman with two children, a sole breadwinner. How can they let that happen, to a woman especially? I do hope he is disciplined severely for treating people this way in what is supposed to be a safe working environment. I’m really upset that I never even got to say goodbye to anyone, most especially the listeners.

I hope justice prevails and this guy gets what he deserves. As for me, this was a sign from God that I need to use the talent he gave me to continue to entertain my people and I don’t need a radio station to do it.

Much love to you all and for the support for the last 21 years. I’ll be making people laugh until the day Jesus calls me back home.

I love and appreciate every one of you, remember to always be different!

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This post taken from Neville Pillay’s Facebook page

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  1. In regards to Neville pillay its embarrassing for u to air ur
    Dirty laundry in public
    I don’t know u
    But remember it takes 2 to clap ur hands
    U can’t tell the public it’s only ur wife and kids are abusing u im sure u are part and parcel of the abuse
    If u didn’t interfere with them then y u saying they treating you bad
    To me it looks like u looking for sympathy from the public
    If the abuse is so bad go to the police and the courts are there
    In order for u to get help
    I can’t imagine wat ur daughter is going through
    If u love ur kids the way u say u do so y go so far to embarrass them i guess u love the attention you getting from the public

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