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LotusFM: Don’t Blame Hlaudi, Management Killed The Station

The morning breakfast show #MorningRush as of today does not feature their long time anchor and funnyman, Neville Pillay.

For the team that has to remain behind, as a listener when I say this I speak for majority of your former & current listenership. I am sorry to see you go through this, I consider you all part of a family I welcomed into my home and my offices daily.

Hlaudi was the architect of his own destiny and we all armed up against him but the real mess lies within the offices of LotusFM – not anywhere else. While the listenership switched off and directed the firing at the Motsoeneng camp, the LotusFM management sat back and expected the listeners to take back the station.

The management and the staff represent contrasting personalities of the station; on one side you have genuine staff that care for the brand and then you have those who actually don’t know what they are doing.

LotusFM Neville Pillay

And this past weekend laid testament to the reality of the direction LotusFM is going – that is going nowhere slowly.  The public has had their fill of the politics that are playing out at the station, from megalomaniacs promising to harm staff to spineless senior managers sitting back and doing nothing – especially when a woman – has to defend herself against power hungry individuals.

The actions of the current Marketing ‘person’, mind you, I don’t believe you are a manager by any credit. And what you seem to know about radio is quite dangerous, you have the perception that you are irreplaceable.

I am sorry to say that is quite the opposite, you need to be reminded – you work for the SABC, which in turn means you work for me and every listener out on the airwaves.

Your actions on Thursday last week and the result of a leading VETERAN DJ being forced to resign is a clear indication of your lack of understanding of how this business thrives.

The comments on social media regarding the loss of Neville Pillay are not just comments, they are a measurement – we are YOUR report card and that of your peers (management) who sat in that meeting and let you unleash your terror.

Let me once again remind you – OUR listenership figures are dwindling and you go on a delusional rant which forces a senior radio personality (who’s worked tirelessly with other team members to hold on to what is left of the station) – a father, a breadwinner and a very sensible person has had to leave.

Maybe we should have pressed harder and now we are. Do us all a favor and pack your stuff and leave LotusFM. We would love to have your resignation by the end of the day.

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