Strange Power Cut During Isha Foundation Lingam Consecration

ISHA FOUNDATION: Sadhguru arrives, and the mystical aspects of the consecration begin to unfold.

After Sadhguru’s invocation, Sounds of Isha begins a chant about Adiyogi which features an intense drum rhythm. A large fire is lit before the Yogeshwar Linga, and Sadhguru begins to walk the length of the hall.

The mala and copper ring are removed from the linga. Sadhguru arranges three sutras on top of the linga, the ends of which he ties into a triangle. The other ends of the sutras are wrapped around three copper vessels containing water. He continues the consecration process utilizing naturally energized materials such as rudraksh, neem leaves, turmeric, and vibhuti.

An unprecedented power cut

At a particularly charged moment in the process, just as Sadhguru places a copper vessel of lit camphor atop the linga, the hall suddenly goes dark. The intense drums and rhythmic clapping continue to reverberate in the hall despite the unexpected power loss.

Undeterred, Sadhguru continues the process and participants respond with redoubled exuberance.

Without amplification, Sadhguru steps to the front of the dais to lead a chant. Just at that moment, his voice fills the hall again as power floods back. Participants repeat the chant as the process continues. Behind the scenes, in the control room, an ashram volunteer shares, “In all the years that we have been working in this building, the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) has never gone out in this way!”

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