om puri oscars remember him

Om Puri Remembered At #Oscars

It is not just India who misses its iconic actor Om Puri, but even the west. Even before Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone came to limelight for making a starry entry into Hollywood, Om Puri was already an established name there. And this only got furthermore assured when the Indian actor was honoured at the 89th Academy Awards today.

om puri oscars remember him

It was an emotional and proud moment for actor Om Puri’s family when the 89th Academy Awards acknowledged the actor amongst the movie legends who passed away recently.

Om Puri, whose repertoire as an actor reflected a rare realism and was popular for films like East Is East, Gandhi, City of Joy and Wolf, was felicitated at the Oscars 2017 held at the Dolby Theatre here, in the “In Memoriam” montage.

Reacting to Om Puri’s mention at the Oscars 2017, Om Puri’s wife, Nandita, and son, Ishaan, thanked the Academy for acknowledging the actor’s work in Hollywood.

The only Indian actor to have worked consistently in Hollywood and British cinema for the last 25 years, without a fuss and letting his work speak for itself, today the Academy of Motion Pictures acknowledged his contribution at its 89th Awards. The first and only Indian actor to be acknowledged thus. Thank you Academy. Thank you everyone. We miss you Om. We miss you lots.

Ishaan and Nandita Puri

Om Puri who passed away on 6 January, has been a part of films like The Hundred Foot Journey (2014), Charlie Wilson’s War (1982), The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012), Gandhi (1982) and many more.

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