deon chetty depression

Deon Chetty shares his battle with mental illness

#DURBAN: Radio & disc jockey Deon Chetty has spoken out emotionally against his battle with mental illness.

deon chetty depression

For anyone to actually say that they suffer with a mental illness is a big jump in the right direction.

For many people it sometimes takes years to talk about it.

One has to take it a step at a time, each day is a new lesson to being honest with yourself.

It will start with telling just one person, perhaps a close friend. Then, you would tell another friend. Eventually, it became less and less of a “thing” to tell someone. You would keep talking until you feel comfortable sharing it with a bigger audience of people that need to know.

It sounds easy for many people but it really isn’t, it takes time to come to the decision and work up to speaking about mental illnesses.

The use of the phrase “coming out” has suddenly become the norm to describe publicly identifying as a person with a mental illness. The term “coming out” was typically reserved for defining one’s sexual orientation.

“Coming out” is a process, not just a moment. It’s often approached with stress and not always met with understanding, to say the least.

“Coming out” about a mental health condition comes with its own difficulties. Telling someone you have a mental illness can be nerve-wracking and painful, even if you’re telling someone you trust and not screaming it to the entire world. Whether it’s telling one person, a crowd or the internet, it’s still hard.

IndianSpice commends Chetty for speaking out on mental illness, it honestly is a challenge but his story proves that you can still lead a completely normal life with the right help.

Here’s Deon Chetty’s story

Hi guys,

I hope all is well. It’s been almost a year now and I want to finally make my illness public and also to create awareness of the most common silent killer and that’s called “Depression”.

I have been diagnosed for many years with Bipolar syndrome and ever since I was embarrassed and tried to hide it cause I was afraid that people will call me mad, shell shock, crazy and so on, which actually happened to me on many occasions and I still tried to hide it. I started to see a “Shrink” to try control this silent killer.

Working together, we came to the core of my problem that started from my childhood days. Today I’m not afraid to say it…yes I slept in a dogs kennel for most of my high school days, I was raped when I was a child, I had to leave school to survive and got involved with wrong people which lead me to drug abuse.

When I met my wife 23 years ago, I told her everything and she was my support and steered me in the right part in life which lead to a great career as a RJ and well known DJ worldwide but that didn’t mean that me being bipolar has disappeared. They’re where many times when depression hit me.

What I didn’t realize is that it was hitting me harder when it came to a point when I started having suicide thoughts and again I’m not afraid to say yes, I did try to end my life many times.

So am I crazy?

About a year now, things have gotten really hectic with my private life when in it came to a point where I told my wife to leave cause I didn’t want her to be in the middle of this. It started to affect my work as well.

But what kills me the most is loneliness. Everyone that showed love towards me in many ways showed me their backs and left me because they probably thought that I was mad.

I started doing stupid things at times but I didn’t realize that my mental illness was getting worse because of some recent incidents. I came to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

I always believed that in a time of this, you always need to be surrounded by friends and most importantly, your loved ones, but they all left.

I feel like I’ve been pushed in a river and I’m drowning, and I can hear a lot of voices saying, “push him harder”.

Today I would like to make people aware, that depression is a real thing. It’s not like the flu, which you get maybe once a year. Depression can happen anytime and anywhere.

So in closing, if you know or suspect anyone that depressed, I beg you, please show them your hand so that they know that they can be pulled out of that river.

Remember this once again…”DEPRESSION IS A SILENT KILLER”

Source: Deon Chetty Facebook post

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