Rajan Kandasamy Handed Life Sentence For Murder

In the last court appearance, Chatsworth father Rajan Kandasamy, 44, was declared fit to stand trial after undergoing psychiatric assessment at a mental institution.

Rajan Kandasamy
Image Credit: ECR Newswatch

On Tuesday, Kandasamy was convicted to life behind bars at the Durban High Court for the murder of his wife, and two children.

The accused was handed three life sentences for the murder of his wife, Versha “Mala” Kandasamy, 41, his son, Megandran, 17, and his 18-year-old daughter, Melarisa.

They were bludgeoned to death at their home in Moorton, Chatsworth in December 2013.

Prosecutor Lolly Soobramoney told the court at the time that Kandasamy was fit to stand trial according to the opinion of three psychologists, identified in court as Dr Dunn, Dr Moodley, and Professor Mkhize.

Their bloodied and battered bodies were found in the family’s home on December 29. Their friends called the police after they failed to attend a memorial service.

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