Gordhan ‘impimpi’ – Maine Got Zuma’s Blessings

ANCYL president, Collen Maine, called Gordhan an impimpi (traitor) for having monopoly capital interests saying President Jacob Zuma must deal with him.

Collen Maine Jacob Zuma

… calling someone who is the minister in the democratic government of President Zuma appointed by Zuma an impimpi in the presence of the President points to the fact that this must happen with the President’s blessings.

Karima Brown, political analyst and Talk At Nine host

The fact that the statement was released yesterday gives one the sense that there was considerable behind the scenes rumblings around the statement.

Karima Brown, political analyst and Talk At Nine host

In my view it’s not just Collen Maine that was sanctioned, in some way it’s the President too, because Maine could not have possible made that statement without believing it will land well with President Zuma.

Karima Brown, political analyst and Talk At Nine host

Listen to the podcast where political analyst, Karima Brown discusses why Maine had ‘permission’ from Zuma to insult Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan

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